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MLA as socio-economic development actors

The Moroccans diaspora is nowadays a key lever for development and growth. They also represent a real potential of know-how, human resources and investments for the Kingdom. Through their role as a “bridge” between the national and international markets, the Moroccans of the World (MOW) participate in the international prosperity of the Kingdom and the development of new partnerships, or the promotion of Moroccan products and services.

Following the High Royal Directives, great importance has been attached to encouraging the MOW investments in Morocco, through a comprehensive and integrated policy focusing on support mechanisms and networking with project holders in Morocco. Moreover, a strong and regular communication campaign has been launched to highlight the national regulatory and procedural system and provide useful information on investment opportunities in Morocco, both by region and by sector.

Platforms to encourage MLA investment


Establishment of a multilingual orientation and information website providing Moroccans living abroad (MLA) who wish to create their businesses in Morocco with access to all the information they need to launch their investment projects (procedures, financing and support mechanisms, etc.).


Creation of a 13th virtual economic region of the GCMC where it brings together its dynamic forces in order to facilitate the integration of Moroccan Entrepreneurs of the World (MEWs) in the Moroccan economy by sharing their experience and know-how and by benefiting from the Moroccan experience in different fields.

plateforme cRI invest

Setting up a platform enabling the completion of all procedures online, making an appointment with one of our advisors, obtaining information on procedures and incentives related to investment, monitoring the progress of the investment project and accessing the various acts and authorizations.

Orientation and information platform for MLA project holders

The Ministry in charge of Moroccans living abroad (MLA) has launched a digital platform in four languages: French, English, Dutch and Arabic to provide assistance and guidance to MLA interested in investing in the Kingdom.

The platform provides MLA project holders access to the necessary information, such as the procedures related to investment in Morocco, the business climate, the assets of the regions, as well as the available support mechanisms, financing and assistance for starting a business in Morocco.

The platform’s main purposes are to:

  • Set up a reception structure for the membership of MeM;
  • Establish a database of non-Moroccan companies, where Moroccans are decision makers;
  • Create a platform for professional exchange between Moroccan entrepreneurs and senior professionals from around the world and those from Morocco
  • Bring together the Moroccan entrepreneurs of the world and the economic decision makers of Morocco;
  • Encourage Moroccan investors living abroad to settle in the Moroccan market;
  • Facilitate the development of Moroccan exporters in foreign markets through the Moroccan entrepreneurs of the world.

Launching the MeM platform by GCMC « Moroccan Entrepreneurs of the World»


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23, Bd Mohamed Abdou, Quartier Palmiers 20340-Casablanca-Morocco
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Invest in Fez-Meknes region in one click :

Online RIC platform

The platform provides a set of services: to inquire and to follow the processing of your investment project by the Committee appointed for this purpose by law 47-18 in full transparency and in compliance with legal deadlines.

This platform enables you to make an appointment with one of our advisors, to get information on procedures and incentives for investment, to launch your project, to follow its progress and to consult your documents and authorizations.

Attractive financing system : mechanism to encourage MLA investment

« MDM Invest » funds

The “MDM Invest” Fund jointly finances with the CGC projects for the creation or expansion of companies promoted to Moroccans living abroad.

Objectives :

  • Promote investments of Moroccans living abroad in Morocco;
  • Develop the fabric of SMEs, especially at the local and regional level.


  • Projects of which the investment is over MMAD 1
  • MRE justifying a residence permit or a foreign identity document or a valid consular card
  • Moroccan having resided abroad and returned to Morocco for a maximum period of one year before the date of submission of the investment project
  • MLA alone, or associated with MLA, Moroccan or foreign investors in proportion to his share in the capital

Financing investment projects

The projects promoted by MLAs are financed in the following proportions :

  • Equity contribution from the MLA: 25% minimum of the total amount of the investment project, in the form of a foreign currency contribution to be transferred in dirhams to an account devoted to the project. The foreign currency contribution from a convertible dirham account or a foreign currency account can also be taken into account for this share
  • MDM Invest Fund: 10% of the amount of the MLAs’ share in the project, in the form of a non-refundable contribution, with a ceiling of MMAD 5
  • The remaining amount can be financed either by a bank loan or by any other cash contribution

Activity sectors

The eligible sectors of activity for this mechanism are set as follows: industry and industry-related services, education, hospitality and health.

Fez-Meknes RIC

Dedicated reception and orientation cell

In line with the High Royal Directives aimed at guaranteeing exceptional support to Moroccans living abroad after the launch of the “2021 Marhaba ” operation, in order to address the problems or difficulties that may arise for them, Fez-Meknes Regional Investment Center has reinforced its support mechanism for the Moroccan community abroad.

To this end, Fez-Meknes RIC has set up a specific reception and orientation cell to deal with your various requests for information, questions and complaints.

The Fez-Meknes RIC suggests a quick appointment, with a straightforward follow-up by phone with one of our advisors and an end-to-end support throughout the process.

Role of the MLA special support cell

Fez-Meknes RIC provides you with a reception and orientation cell devoted to provide you with a specific support. Through this cell, Moroccan Living Abroad can :

To get information on investment opportunities

Answering the various questions on investment opportunities, and the creation of companies in Fez-Meknes region as well as the major structuring projects and the regional economic dynamics

To get information on the Funds and aids granted to MLA

Informing the MLA about the aids and subsidies granted as part of the incentive to investment and business creation

To get information on investment and business creation procedures

Informing and assisting MLA in the process of creating their business and referring them to the relevant institutions and associations.

To get information on the business environment

Informing the MLA about the facilities granted in terms of improving the business environment and promoting investment in the Region

Single point of contact

2 min to make an appointment with your advisor

5,5 days to create your business

Simplified and transparent procedures

2 days to approve your investment project

A 100% unique digital platform combining all the investment procedures

MLA National Day

CRI Fès-Meknès webconférence MRE

On the occasion of the National Day of Moroccans Living Abroad, declared in 2003 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, the Wilaya of Fez-Meknes region, in partnership with the RIC, organizes on August 10th of each year an open day for MDM investors, with the participation of public and private organizations and institutions involved in the process of investment and business creation.

On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, a webinar was organized by the Wilaya of the region of Fez-Meknes and the RIC under the theme: “The role of Moroccans living abroad in the implementation of the New Development Model“. This meeting was held in a hybrid format, and was attended by public and private actors as well as MLAs and representatives of the associative fabric.

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