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Regional development vision

A mid-to-long term vision for regional development.

Regional Spatial Planning Scheme (RSPS)

Over 197 projects,
measures and orientations

Regional Spatial Planning Scheme (RSPS)

A strategic document that lays out the 2042-long term regional development perspectives.
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Regional Development Plan (RDP)

97 projects,
BMAD 11,2

Regional Development Program (RDP)

The RDP is designed on a medium- and long-term vision taking into account the new region and which includes the projects approved under the State - Region program contract (2020-2022).
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Regional Spatial Planning Scheme presentation

The region of Fez-Meknes hopes for an integrated, sustainable and inclusive development that serves the entire region. To do so, it must meet several challenges related to strengthening business competitiveness, developing regional innovation, protecting natural resources, reducing territorial and social disparities and enhancing the cultural and historical heritage.

For such comprehensive development, a development vision has been laid out by consolidating current sectors and fostering the emergence of new growth sectors: industry, digital economy, services and the knowledge economy.

This vision has been implemented through the Regional Spatial Planning Scheme (RSPS), a strategic document that sets out the long-term development perspectives (by 2042) with more than 197 projects identified.

RSPS Orientations

Improve the social well-being of the Region's citizens and fight against territorial disparities

Heritage and cultural diversity for development

Prosperous, inclusive, wealth-creating cities

Preserve the environment to guarantee a better living condition for future generations

Rebuild the region's economic foundations on new priorities and criteria

Growing rural landscape contributing to the development of the region

The Region ambition for 2042

Fez-Meknes region, with its socio-economic strategic assets, has to meet five major challenges in order to improve its competitiveness and diversify its industry. The strategy of the Region relies on the development of high potential sectors.

1st Agricultural pole (Export and local market)
1st Agribusiness pole
1st High added value handicraft pole
1st knowledge economy pole
2nd IT and outsourcing pole
3rd touristic pole
3rd Regional Industrial Pole of the country

Regional Development Plan goals

The Regional Development Plan (RDP) is designed on a medium- and long-term vision taking into account the new structure of the region, which includes the projects approved under the State – Region program contract (2020-2022) with 97 projects amounting to BMAD 11,2.

This comprehensive development approach will allow the Region to position itself at the crossroads of human and cultural exchanges by promoting territorial equity. It will enable the Region to consolidate its agricultural and agribusiness orientation and to become a leading tourist and cultural destination.

Given the distinctive characteristics of the region, 4 strategic objectives were identified:

Structural projects of the 2020-2022 State-Region Program Contract

MMAD 4 251

Improving economic attractiveness

MMAD 3 797

Support to productive sectors and employment promotion

MMAD 939

Preservation/enhancement of resources, environment and heritage

MMAD 2 205

Reducing social deficits and territorial disparities

A total of 97 projects for a BMAD 11,2 budget