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Innovation structures

The Region of Fez-Meknes enjoys a variety of innovation structures, cross fertilization places that involve both academia and business in a collaborative approach. With a mission of encouraging the emergence of innovative projects as well as supporting them in their progression, these structures play an active role in economic development, integration and wealth generation in the region. Some of which are even pioneers in Morocco, such as the Fez Smart Factory project. Universities, first and foremost the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez (EMUF) and the Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University (SMBAU), are not only training institutions but also key forces in regional innovation. Bridging the gap between the academic arena and the business world, they now host startup incubators. The Central Guarantee Fund (CGF) and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Fez-Meknes (CCIS) are also committed to the development of innovation structures that are significantly transforming the regional industrial sector and allowing it to take advantage of the current developments as real opportunities.

Innovation structures

This project is implemented as part of the “Sustainable Industrial Zones Fund (FONZID)” program of the Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco. It aims at setting up an area for the development of industrial activities with a considerable improvement in productivity by applying the concepts of Industry 4.0. Such concept is currently being introduced following a partnership between EMUF, CGEM Fez-Taza, the Regional Council of Fez-Meknes and Alten Delivery Center Morocco.

This ambitious goal will be achieved in four complementary phases aimed at setting up innovation facilities that will be dedicated to demonstrative-scale innovative processes developed by the startups.  The first phase will be completed and put into operation by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

The project activities focus on Research and Development, Engineering and Technological Innovation. The project intends to support project holders and start-ups for the development of innovative and intelligent solutions for the needs of digital and energy transitions.

FEZ SMART FACTORY : 1st Industry 4.0 ecosystem in Morocco

Components of the first phase


- The Center for Valorization, Transfer and Technological Innovation 4.0 (CVTTI)

It is a body responsible for carrying out tasks involving the incubation of industry oriented innovative projects 4.0.

Startups 4.0 accelerator

It is a hub for Industry 4.0 oriented startups.

Engineering services for Industry 4.0

Digital and artificial intelligence, instrumentation, additive manufacturing, energy efficiency and renewable energy, sustainable development, industrial processes, logistics, industrial maintenance.

R&D Laboratories

Domiciliation areas for entities developing R&D activities for 4.0 transformation needs.

The Rapid Prototyping Center (Additive Manufacturing)

Comprising additive manufacturing machines in metallic, plastic, ceramic and concrete materials. This center, owned by UEMF, will provide prototyping services to the Incubator's project holders, the Accelerator's startups, FSF's engineering companies and R&D laboratories, and companies.

For more information, check the website :

Agro Energy TIC Valley


This mixed platform of tests, research and training in the fields of bioenergy and energy storage, was jointly established by the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez and the Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies.


  • Development of research and innovation activities and their promotion in bioenergy and energy storage;
  • Upgrading of different types of green waste and agricultural by-products for energy purposes (biogas production, electricity, heat);
  • Analysis, comparison, optimization and development of new technologies for biomass energy valorization and energy storage.

For more information, check the website:


Agritech is committed to the identification, structuring and development of promising sectors for the emergence of an integrated and efficient economic ecosystem. The project intends to incubate and support startups right up to their sustainability, with the objective of contributing to :

Ce pôle régional d’innovation, dont l’étude de faisabilité financée par l’Agence Française de Développement est en cours, et auquel est associée la Région et la Wilaya de Fès-Meknès, visera à contribuer à l’émergence du potentiel, insuffisamment exploité, de la région Fès-Meknès dans ses activités traditionnelles (notamment l’agroalimentaire) et le développement de relais de croissance territoriaux créateur de richesse et d’emplois, notamment par le croisement de la recherche, de l’innovation et du développement entrepreneurial dans les secteurs précités, pris individuellement ou en synergie.

L’analyse du secteur agricole de la région de Fès-Meknès fait apparaître une multitude de contraintes et qui entravent son développement et ce, malgré le fait qu’elle se positionne comme l’une des premières régions agroalimentaires du Royaume. Parmi ces freins, on note le morcellement de la propriété agricole, qui nuit à sa rentabilité et l’irrégularité de la pluviométrie ainsi que la diminution des eaux souterraines, qui se répercutent négativement sur la surface cultivée et sur la production annuelle. A cela s’ajoutent l’érosion des sols, la désertification et l’appauvrissement du terroir en minéraux, qui entraînent une diminution des terres cultivables et une détérioration des pâturages. Pour apporter des solutions à ces défis, il est aujourd’hui d’usage de se référer à une «révolution verte 2.0».

Increase crop productivity;
Increase crop productivity and optimize the use of inputs (water, fertilizers, phytosanitary products etc.);
Preserve the environment (reduce soil depletion and the irrational use of increasingly scarce water resources);
Promote the sharing and dissemination of best agricultural practices (collaborative platforms, mobile solutions, etc.);
Facilitate access to new markets (electronic marketplaces, networking platforms).

For more information, check the website :

EMUF University Incubator


The EMUF incubator is a support structure for project holders, startups creation and spinouts in innovative fields. It provides project holders with the necessary skills, infrastructure and tools, including financial ones, to properly launch their project, with support throughout the incubation, maturation and commercialization phases by calling on a network of financial and industrial experts. The objective is to gradually transform their idea or project into a balanced and sustainable startup.


  • Targeting projects likely to be transformed into innovative startups based on the valorization of intellectual property and research outcomes.
  • Privileged access to EMUF's research laboratories
  • Customized coaching
  • Training in entrepreneurship by experts
  • Support for the creation of business models and business plans
  • Preparation for fundraising
  • Opportunity to join a community of entrepreneurs
  • Privileged access to investors and industrialists.
  • Possibility of financing and hosting.

For more information, check the website :

City of innovation, research and technology transfer


The Innovation City of Fez was built following a joint decision by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and the Green and Digital Economy and the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University (USMBA) to promote research and development, innovation and technology transfer amongst companies. Being the first of its kind in Morocco, the Innovation City can host about twenty projects in incubation. To do so, it is equipped with a reception area (incubator and business center), a market-oriented R&D area and a development structure.


  • Host innovative companies, incubation projects and spin-offs;
  • Increase significantly the number of research contracts between the USMBA and companies;
  • Promote and encourage entrepreneurial initiatives by USMBA researchers and graduates;
  • Attract and create regional and national areas of expertise with international exposure;
  • Promote cooperation between companies and universities;
  • foster the creation of innovative companies through the valorization of research and the incubation process.


PhD students/researchers, project leaders, engineering graduates and innovative companies are the main targets of this innovative structure.

For more information, check the website :

Fez Technopark

This project, which will cover 7 159 m², is intended to boost the Region’s economic and social development, create a regional incubator for innovative projects and encourage the creation of start-ups. Worth MMAD 55, this project will be funded by the Regional Council up to MMAD 30, by the Council of the Municipality of Fez up to MMAD 20 and by the MITC company up to MMAD 5.



Intended for young startups for a fixed period providing advice, support, financing assistance, training, etc.

Co-working zone

An ideal location for people from different backgrounds to meet and help each other, and a work zone for startups under development prior to their potential admission to the incubator;


The Fab lab is a digital manufacturing center that facilitates prototyping using software and machine tools such as 3D printers;

Movie, TV, Music production studio

For cultural and media startups in the city. Investing in culture and media is an important contribution to the exposure and attractiveness of the city;

Civil society zone

An area designed to strengthen ties with civil society in terms of entrepreneurship, innovation and financing.

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