The region has operational and competitive reception platforms for various purposes Fez-Meknes bi-pole hosts 80% of the industrial fabric of the Region The region, a real pole of attraction for automotive and rail equipment manufacturers
National Development Vision

Industrial Recovery Plan (IRP) 2021-2023: Implementation of a bank of projects

Regional Development Vision

5 projects (MMAD 1) launched under the State-Region Program Contract 2020-2022 (Fez-Meknes RDP)

An ambition by 2042

Fez-meknes Region : 1st agribusiness pole and 3rd industrial pole in Morocco

Overview of the sector

Following a decrease in its industrial activities over the last three decades, Fez-Meknes region has definitely been involved in a new dynamic of its industrial fabric, focusing on new high value-added and growth sectors.

Chemistry and parachemistry
Textile and leather
Steel and mechanics

Key indicators (2019)

The industrial fabric of the Region contributes to 5,8% of the national GDP of the sector and generates an export turnover of 4,2 MMAD (including 45% for textile and leather). The region has had over 60 years of industrialization. Today, it remains one of the most important industrial regions of Morocco, with its 1,619 mining units employing about 43 000 people. Food processing and textile/leather alone account for 68,7% of the added value of the region’s industry. It intends to emerge, alongside Kenitra and Tangier, as a major pole of automotive suppliers. Indeed, it has already attracted major international groups such as ALSTOM, DELPHI or YAZAKI…

Textile, agrifood, automotive and offshoring represent 80% of jobs in the sector in the Region :

Les secteurs industrie phares (2018) Textile and clothing 21 727 Automotive 9 602 Offshoring 9 321 Food & Beverage 7 699 Building & Construction 3 824 Real estate 1 945 Leather 1 590 Parachemistry 1 415

Sources : Regional Directorate of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy Fez-Meknes/ DGT/ CNSS

Strengths of the industrial sector

Industrial Bank of Projects

projets industriels

Launched by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy (MITGDE), on September 25, 2020, as part of the new 2021-2023 Industrial Recovery Plan (IRP), this new strategy is based on the implementation of an import substitution policy, the strengthening of Moroccan capital in the industry, and decreasing industry carbon emissions in order to preserve and strengthen export.

Overall, following the launch of the bank of projects, the Region is able to take advantage of its assets to host 109 potential projects in food industry, electrical and electronic industries, mobility and transport, textile industry, leather industry, chemical and parachemical industries, building materials, plastics and mechanical and metallurgical industries.

They invested in Fez-Meknes region

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