Fez-Meknes is the Kingdom's old region with a rich tangible and intangible heritage Diversified tourist product with development niches The region is an important artistic pole hosting numerous national and international events and meetings

National Development Vision

  • 2020 vision of the sector
  • Comprehensive Rural Tourism Development Program

Regional Development Vision

19 touristic projects (938,5 million) launched as part of the 2020-2022-State-Region Contract-Program (Fez-Meknes RDP).

An ambition by 2042 (SRAT)

Fez-Meknes Region: 3rd Touristic pole in Morocco 

Overview of the sector

Fez – Meknes region stands as a leading tourist destination in “Central Morocco” distinguished by its tourist product “Culture and well-being” in line with the 2020 vision.

A rich and multifaceted product:

Cultural destination
Nature destination
Thermal destination
Spiritual destination
Golf destination
Station thermale
Fes Taounate Taza Sefrou My Yaacoub Meknès El Hajeb Ifrane Boulemane

Positioning of the Region

Wide range of cultural and natural assets

Thermal springs

Arts and traditions

Zaouias & Mosques & Mdersa

4 Medinas

Mountains & forests


Springs and waterfalls

4 golf courses

Culture & festivals

Tourisme culturel :
  • 4 historical Medinas representing a high-quality built heritage treasure (Fez, Meknes, Sefrou and Taza)
  • A Roman archaeological site (Volubilis) close to Meknes and Moulay Idriss Zerhoun
  • More than 40 historical sites and monuments
  • Several palaces, ramparts and gates
  • Specialized museums and multiple art galleries
  • Moussems and more than 30 cultural festivals: Festival of World Sacred Music, Andalusian Music Festival, International Festival of Volubilis, Sefrou Cherry Festival, etc.
Natural, mountain and rural tourism :
  • Ifrane National Park with the world’ s largest cedar forest
  • Tazekka national park and Friouato caves in Taza declared cultural heritage by UNESCO
  • Mountains and snow: Michlifen, Habri and Hibri in Ifrane, Bouiblane in Taza
  • Forest and herbaceous cover spreading over an area of more than 1,2 million hectares (or 14% of the national forest park), half of which is located in Boulemane
  • Tourist hunting reserves: the region is endowed with a rich variety of animal species which promoted the development of hunting reserves (circles of Missour and Outate El Haj)
  • Agritourism farms, lodges and inns
  • Wide range of local products: 13 local products with a strong potential for certification, etc.
Spiritual and religious tourism :
  • Al Quaraouiyine University, the world’s oldest continuously operating university “Al Quaraouiyine”, recognized by UNESCO, by the Guinness Book of Records and by several historians
  • Foundation of African Ulemas
  • Moulay Idriss Zawiya
  • Zaouia of Sidi Ahmed Tijani: Fez, home of the Tijaniya tarîqa through its various pilgrimages
  • Medersas (Old schools)
  • Mausoleum of Moulay Ismaïl
Thermal tourism :
  • Moulay Yacoub Thermal Station “Vichy Thermalia Spa”, the largest “thermal SPA” in Morocco coupled with a 4-star hotel
  • Thermal station of Ain Allah
  • Sidi Hrazem spa (first on sale bottled mineral water in Morocco).
Golf tourism :
  • Royal Golf of Fez: 18 holes
  • Oued Fez Golf: 18 holes
  • Meknes Royal Golf Club: 9 holes, accessible at night
  • Michlifen Golf & Country Club: first mountain course in Africa signed by Jack Nicklaus, elected Best Golf Hotel in Morocco in 2019 at the prestigious “World Golf Awards”: 18 holes

Key indicators (2019)

Being a key economic sector for the Region, tourism contributes to 8,5% of the national tourism GDP and generated a turnover of 349 MMAD (in 2019).

The sector is growing rapidly, in particular because of:

  1. Increasing pace of demand on the cultural product of Fez
  2. Development of air traffic and the opening of new direct international routes
  3. Implementation of various programs of rehabilitation and development of the Medinas of Fez and Meknes.

Top 5 international arrivals in the Region (2019)

Top 5 des arrivées internationales dans la Région 2019 FRANCE 67748 GERMANY 53453 USA 46845 SPAIN 40081 CHINA 38048

Sources : Fez-Meknes Regional Directorate of Tourism / DGT/ CNSS

Tourism in the Region

Attractiveness factors of the Region

Attractive regional incentive framework

Attractive employment bonus for new tourism investments in Fez-Meknes region

Craft know-how

The region has a genuine identity built on the thousand-year-old wealth and know-how of its master craftsmen (124 000 craftsmen)

Quality training center

2 Institutes ISTH and ITHT (400 students/year) and a Master's degree in Tourism management and enhancement of heritage at Fez Euromed University


Elected second cleanest city in the world with a park declared by UNESCO and also known as the little Switzerland


Ranked in the Top 10 visited cities in 2019 with an outstanding cultural and architectural heritage, and a recognized tourist potential

Moulay Yacoub

Capital of the thermalism with the thermal springs "Vichy Thermalia SPA" which receives nearly 1 million visitors/year and the thermal springs of Ain Allah

Dynamic tourism investments

  • A strong passion for traditional tourist accommodation projects: hotels (39%), guest houses (21%), gites and hotel residences (16%).
  • 73 on-going tourism projects leading to an increase in bed capacity of 3,615 beds.
  • 43 ongoing tourism projects leading to an increase in bed capacity of 4,664 beds.
  • 19 projects launched as part of the State-Region Program Contract 2020-2022 (Fez – Meknes RDP) with a  938.5 MMAD budget.

Source : 2020-Annual Activity Report – Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport and Social Economy

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