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Support business creation

Via its help desk for entrepreneurship, RCI is the sole contact for all people who want to start a business regardless its form. Its staff provides applicants with a single form which contains all the information required by law or regulation for the creation of a company.

The desk staff accomplishes all the necessary steps to collect documents and certificates required by law or regulations for business creation.

Thus, the RCI is responsible for the following tasks :

1.    Deliver Negative certificate for brand/company's name.

2.    Subscribe to business tax and fiscal existence statement.

3.    Registration in the Register of Commerce.

4.    Membership of the National Social Security Fund.

Assistance to investors

•RCI provides investors with all relevant information for regional investment.

•RCI studies all requests for administrative authorizations and prepares all necessary administrative acts for the realization of investment projects in the industrial, agro-industrial, mining, tourism, handicrafts and housing for investment

with an amount less than 200 Million Dhs, and thus enable the Wali of the region to license or sign administrative acts related to these investments.

•It Studies investments involved in sectors mentionned before , for investment amounts equal or greater than 200 Million DH, draft contracts or agreements concluded with government for the investor to make profit from special advantages, and transmits them to the competent government authority for approval and signature by contracting parties. The Wali, within his competence, prepares and executes permissions, acts and contracts for the implementation of investment provided by the convention he is responsible for.

•Suggests amicable solutions to conflicts between investors and administrations.

Promotion and cooperation

Communication and Promotion

In the context of its responsibilities, and in conjunction with different regional economic actors and operators, the Regional Centre of Investment is involved in the development of a territorial marketing strategy for the economic and social development of Fes Meknes region.

RCI, as an institutional actor aiming to improve economic development of the region, is also called to put forward concrete actions in order to improve attractiveness of the region. RCI works also to promote and communicate on the region’s assets, its competitive advantages and business and investment opportunities nationally and internationally.

To achieve this goal, RCI runs communication and information campaigns. It also organizes, attends and sponsors different promotional events related to investment promotion in the region.

 Cooperation and partnership

RCI Fes Meknes has developed key relationships of cooperation and partnership with regional, national and international partners.

Regionally, RCI of Fes Meknes coordinates with regional partners particularily external authorities involved in the investment process, provincial services of the region, local communities and professional organizations.

Nationally, RCI of Fes Meknes maintains privileged relationships with the ministries and government agencies working to promote investment including AMDI and Regional Development Agencies.

The RCI of Fes Meknes maintains also partnerships with international institutions such as international cooperation agencies : USAID and GIZ.