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The Help desk entrepreneurship services

The Help desk entrepreneurship services

This department is the only contact for anyone wishing to start up a business regardless of its legal form, wishing to use this service,It guides, assists and instructs the business creation files, regardless the legal form. The staff of this department provides applicants with a single form which contains all the information required by the laws and regulations for the creation of the company.It completes all the necessary steps to collect from relevant authorities, the documents and certificates needed for the creation of a company required by law or regulations.Thus, the help desk provides the following services:

1. Legalization of signature  of documents related to bussiness creation

2. Certification of documents related to business creation as a true copy of the original

3.Award of Negative certificate for company’s name or brand . 

4. Subscribe to professional tax and Fiscal Statement of Existence.

5. Registration in the Register of Commerce.

6. Membership of the National Social Security Fund.

7. Publication in the official Gazette