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August 10th, 2016 : Celebration of the National Day of MRE

On the occasion of the National Day of Moroccans Residing Abroad, established in 2003 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI may God assist him, the Wilaya of the Region Fez Meknes organized in partnership with the Regional Center of Investment of Fez Meknes region an open days, Wednesday, August 10, 2016 in Fez Congress Centre under the theme of : "Our youth abroad: energy, issues and future challenges."

The CRI provided to MREs a set of documents and guides to enable them to identify the different procedures and provisions relating to entrepreneurship and investment, but also to discover all the economic potential and investment opportunities investment in Fez Meknes region.

Stands were set up, gathering the main external services involved in the housing sector and investment as well as banks, to present their products and meet the expectations and answer questions of MREs.

This event is chaired by Mr. Wali, was a special event to honor the Moroccans Living Abroad. It was also an opportunity for discussion and for MREs to meet each other and the local economic actors.

This event was, also, an opportunity to incite the MRE to get involved and to contribute to the development process engaged at a regional level, through investing in the confirmed potential of the region.