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royal letter

Our obedient servant and Prime Minister, Mr Abderrahmane Youssoufi, God protects you and guide your steps on the right track.

1. as you know, we have expressed on several occasions, our desire to promote investment, including projects of small and medium-sized crafts, tourism, housing, industrial and agro - industrial and mining enterprises that are creating jobs and wealth, promoters of development and factors of reinforcement of productive capacities and savings of our youth and middle-classes who aspire legitimately to access to more progress, responsibility and development.

1.1 As we stated in the speech that we had delivered at the opening of the parliamentary session of October 2000, the interest of creating a One-stop-shop in each region ... is to fix a reasonable and shorter lead time... to decide on issues of investment projects.

1.2 Indeed, our attention has often been drawn to the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs because of the numerous and complex formalities required for creating companies or single proprietorships and the completion of administrative procedures necessary to the act of investing.

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